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Manna Insect Farming App has been launched!

We at Manna Insect are releasing a new product, the Manna Insect Farming App, to support insect farmers all around the world. In this post a short description of this novel tool, that will be beta tested during November and December, before global launch by the end of 2023.

On Thursday 2nd Nov we had an online live session about the app – the recording is now available for watching out YouTube channel;

What is the Manna way of empowering insect farmers?

Our aim is on maximizing the efficiency of black soldier fly and larvae, by creating optimal environments for flies and larvae. We want BSF farmers to be successful, and offer tools for optimizing and managing insect production at any scale, as well as for continuous learning and improvement. In effective insect farming, the role of systematic processes, measurement, documenting, managing and predicting production metrics is crucial, and we have developed a novel application for making that easier.

Manna Inset Farming App

Manna Insect Farming Application is a tool for starting and accelerating professional BSF production, for learning, getting support, managing and improving production and finding and connecting with biowaste sources as well as potential customers for the end products.

Manna Insect Farming App will bring core value to insect farming, as the users can;

  • Learn interactively
    • For each phase of the process you have guidance and hints and tips
    • Learn yourself and easily train employees
    • Suggests next tasks
  • Get 24/7 support for any issues
    • AI based chatbot and Manna’s curated knowledge base of best knowledge in the world
    • Know your production efficiency and improve it
    • Know efficiency of each part of the process
  • Manage employees and their tasks
    • Predicted quantities
  • Find biowaste sources, eggs and neonates, equipment, partners, etc
    • Know local sources, companies and people

The main features of the app in a nutshell;

  • Works on any phone, table and computer via a web address
    • Optimized for mobile phones
  • Create a farm, facilities and invite others
    • Define processes with capacity and capabilities
    • Works with outdoor, indoor or fully climatized setups
  • Suggests tasks and schedule based on the inserted data
    • Gives a list of tasks and stores all task actions and metrics
  • Chat based knowledge base for any related questions
    • Use Manna curated AI to know more
  • Localized sources for BSF eggs, neonates, biowaste sources and customers
  • Search and add local information

Are you a BSF farmer and would like to become a pilot user of the app? Join to a waiting list.

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