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Manna Insect BSF farming module design is the fastest and most cost efficient way to start profitable black soldier fly production. The client will construct the modules locally with our detailed assistance, either by employing readily available 20ft shipping containers or by crafting custom frames and utilizing appropriate insulation materials.

The brains of our solution, Manna MIND Gen2 unit with sophisticated climatization technology is adaptable to the size of the space, and thus compatible with different structures.

Based on our extensive years of research and testing, we’ve determined that small, well-insulated modules offer the most cost and power-efficient solution for rearing production.

We empower our clients to design modules of suitable sizes based on the specific requirements of their rearing, breeding, and nursing activities.

There is no one-size-fits all but with our all-in-one hybrid design and comprehensive training, production team can accommodates every stages in a single production module to start piloting and learning.

Example designs

Manna Insect BSF Farming Module 20ft - Rearing
Manna Insect BSF Farming Module 20ft - Breeding
Manna Insect BSF Farming module - 3-in-1 hybrid module for piloting

Example production capacity achievable in one rearing cycle in a 20ft-sized Manna Insect Farming module

Manna Insect Farming container 10 days cycle example 2024

“Manna Insect BSF Farming technology targets converting all biowaste to clean larvae and dry frass, with no other side products or leftovers than water.”

Manna Insect Farming Module 20ft equipment and tech

Example of expenses of a Manna Insect container design (20ft)

The price of a locally built insect farming unit consists of the following components:

The total cost of locally sourced materials and equipment can vary considerably depending on the customer’s country, the selected module frame, and the desired level of insulation.

The estimated cost for the initial locally assembled module with Manna MIND technology will be approximately $15,000, excluding growing trays, processing equipment.

NOTE! Manna Insect will provide detailed guidance and support for constructing the first module, but the company will not directly undertake the construction. Additional services for construction work are available.

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What you need for the BSF production unit

Shopping list for BSF business validation

Options for the module frame depend on the location and specific requirements of the customer. It can either be a used shipping container or a constructed unit. While there is some flexibility in size, the module size needs to be within certain limits to ensure full functionality.

The choice of insulation material should correspond to the external weather conditions. Insulation material needs to be moisture-resistant, such as polyurethane, and any seams need to be sealed – cover material on top of the insulation layer is highly recommended.

Corrosion-resistant or plastic piping with 90 degree elbows is used for ventilating the container.

Each module is equipped with paired duct fans for circulation, exhaust, and incoming air

With compact-sized modules, it’s feasible to employ cost-effective, commercial-grade, low-power air conditioners for temperature regulation.

Single-phase semi-industrial dehumidifier (dryer) effectively extracts moisture during the rearing process, keeping the humidity level optimal (min 50l/day).

In breeding and nursing activities, a sufficiently powerful humidifier is essential. A robust, commercial-grade humidifier can be constructed locally if affordable equipment is not readily available.

Industrial-grade fan heaters are necessary for maintaining the temperature consistently at an optimal level everywhere

Basic lighting is essential for maintaining larvae within the trays throughout the entire growth cycle.

Special LED lights designed to mimic sunlight are available for breeding purposes, optimizing mating activities.

The power unit can be designed based on the size of the equipment used.

Manna provides an example list of components, schematics, and instructions for certified electricians to locally assemble the unit.

Rearing production

Stackable insect trays are essential to achieve maximum capacity

Breeding activities

locally build breeding cages, pupa boxes and egg traps

Nursing period

Nursing boxes with egg tables


There is several possibilities to separate larvae from frass

Drying and defatting

There are several methods for drying the larvae, which vary depending on the time and cost ratio.

Manna Insect will provide detailed instructions and how-to guidelines

Other small tools such as weighing scales and crates are necessary for the production process.

Customizable climate control device and software, that automatically adjusts conditions to optimize insect production during different growth cycle stages.

The software and algorithms have been finely tuned for rearing BSF larvae, breeding flies, and hatching eggs, enabling real-time control and adjustment of the module’s environment. The primary focus is on optimizing growth and minimizing power consumption to make profitable production possible.

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