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Vision  | We envision a world where every local community can produce their own food regardless of weather, infrastructure or expertise.

Mission | Manna uses nature’s own technology, insects, to create the most cost-effective and infra-free solutions to recycle biowaste to animal feed, thereby radically making feed and food production simpler, more local, sustainable and self-sufficient.

Manna Insect was born from an idea to create a scalable and easy to use solution for growers and local communities to produce food themselves. We saw that black soldier fly larvae are nature’s gift for us to understand that nothing is a waste.

Since then Manna Insect team has focused on learning to rear and breed black soldier fly and its larvae in practice, and to create the simplest and cost-efficient infrastructure around them to harness their full potential anywhere in the world and by anyone.

Today Manna Insect is offering the most cost and power efficient standalone solution to upcycle local biowaste to animal feed using black soldier fly larvae.

Roadmap to success is created together

Together with certified partners, local collaborators and communities, Manna Insect can become a significant part of local food production in dozens of countries around the world. It is very important to us that our customers and partners succeed in their own localities, and are able to offer a cost-effective alternative to global food and feed production. We are quickly expanding our operations globally, above all to developing countries. Manna is part of the solution of a greener future. Join the Manna family!


Manna Insect was founded by a small group of entrepreneurs who spent years researching and developing, rearing and breeding BSF and building Manna MIND algorithms. Global operations began in 2022 and the team has grown with marketing and sales specialists, business  developers and advisors. 


Manna Team CEO and Business development - Ykä Marjanen

YKÄ MARJANEN | As a serial entrepreneur I have been always looking for a big problem to solve. When I got introduced to insects and especially to black soldier fly larvae I realised that it had the potential to solve the food production problem in an elegant way. It still took us several years to learn this species and understand its full potential. Based on my technical background, I am also heavily involved in creating algorithms that automate and adapt the container to optimal conditions for the larvae and flies.


JARI-PEKKA PYÖRÄLÄ | I have been in Manna from the very first day. I am a builder and creator with an entrepreneur mindset, working here in Manna as head of production and product development excluding software development. I am also a passionate hunter and love to spend my very limited free time (father of 5 kids and husband) in the wilderness chasing all the small and medium game here in Finland.

Manna Team - Head of production - Juha-Pekka Pyörälä

production and product development

EERIK HAUKKALA | I have been working at Manna for almost four years, doing multiple different practical positions. BSF growth and production process is something I’m very familiar with. Recently I’ve been working in planning and implementation of visual material for sales, marketing and production. I enjoy what I do at work and I’m excited to see where the industry grows. I’m married and I spend my free time with Thai boxing.

Manna Team Bio process development - Eerik Haukkala

bio process development

Manna Team - Head of Marketing - Tom Laine

TOM LAINE | From early on, I’ve been involved with Manna as a board member and investor, and since September 2022 a marketing strategist in an operative role. My job is to bridge Manna’s sales and marketing, enabling the company’s growth. My main interests lie in using social media as efficiently as possible – let’s see how that works out. As a matter of fact, you should be following us on Linkedin!



TONI MARJANEN | I’m an open minded, innovative and business driven entrepreneur. I have lived as a digital nomad for more than five years in different countries with my wife, Anne, so we are more than happy to travel also for Manna, developing business globally. In Manna I’m the head of sales and responsible for creating new businesses and sales and marketing strategies to grow globally.

Sales & Business Development

ANNE LUKKARILA | I’m an engineer at heart with a previous career as a specialist in global supply chain management. Together with Toni I left the 9-to-5 life in Finland back in 2017, and nowadays work location independently with marketing and consultation for startups and other small companies. I joined the Manna team in 2022 and am eager to support the global growth of this innovative company.

Manna Team - Content creation and marketing - Anne Lukkarila

content creation & marketing

Manna Team - Specialist - Saverio Danubio

SAVERIO DANUBIO | I am an Industrial Biotechnologist with over 10 years experience in Europe and Africa in the identification and resolution of the key problems related to the organic residues. I have been using micro and macro organisms for the transformation of farm, domestic and industrial organic leftovers and its conversion into; biofuel, biomaterial, fertilizer, feed and even food. I believe that working at Manna I will help many business becoming Economically, Socially and Environmentally more Sustainable

Sustainability specialist

Manna Team - Generative AI specialist - Jenny Piik

JENNY PIIK | I’m a lifelong nerd and technology enthusiast with a creative streak. I started at Manna in 2023 as a software developer, specializing in generative AI and UI/UX development. I enjoy my work very much and I’m excited to contribute to this innovative industry. In my free time, I try to balance all the time I spend on the computer with various fitness and crafts hobbies and wrangling my pets.

Generative AI specialist

Backed by notable early stage vc investors


Do you want to start a new productive business with Manna in your area? Do you need to reduce the costs of animal feed and fertilisers permanently? Do you want to be involved in marketing Manna’s solution in your own network? Do you want to introduce our innovative solution for the media you represent?

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