Manna Insect

Manna insect business calculator

With our BSF business calculator you can quickly validate your plans regarding commercial insect farming! These numbers give you an idea about how much you can save money or make it with BSF farming.

Please note that before reaching the maximum capacity, trial runs are needed to find the best recipe for substrate.

Organic waste: maximum capacity 12 tn / month / Manna Insect farming container (20ft)

Labor: loading and unloading Manna Insect Farming Container (20ft) requires on average 2 hours / ton workload with dedicated tools and equipment.

Power consumption: average power consumption is 800W/h in warm climates

Amount of BSF eggs: roughly 30-50g/tn. Standard: 45g/tn

Price of eggs is calculated based on Manna breeding container. Standard: 0.50 $/g

Dried larvae is normally 1/3 of it’s original weight

OUTPUT ratio between larvae and fertilizer is HIGHLY dependent on the quality and moisture of the substrate!

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The level of investment is contingent upon factors such as the quantity of Manna MIND units, the size and material of the module frame and insulation, the processing equipment, and the specific requirements.

For a comprehensive package including one Manna 20ft BSF farming module, along with professional processing equipment and training, the estimated price falls within the range of 12,000 to 18,000 USD.