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The European Union co-funds Manna Insect business development project

Manna Insect is pleased to announce that the European Union has granted the company a 0,1 M€ funding for a business development project from the European Union’s Just Transition Fund (JTF). The development process, implemented in 2023-2024, aims to enhance manufacturing and production processes to meet the needs of the growing business. Process development supports the company’s growth and internationalization in a significant way.

The European Union’s Just Transition Fund is a fund created under the 2021-2027 programming round. It operates under Regulation (EU) 2021/1056 within the framework of the EU Cohesion policy. It supports the territories most affected by the transition towards climate neutrality. In particular, it will help regions dependent on solid fossil fuels and on carbon-intensive industries to cushion the socio-economic impacts of their transformation. In essence, the EU JTF aims to address employment, economic, social and environmental impacts that come with the shift away from carbon-intense activities.

The strategic goal of Manna Insect is to create a sustainable solution for global food production, i.e. to enable the breeding and utilization of the black soldier fly as animal feed, replacing soy feed, anywhere in the world. In the development of new processes of Manna Insect, environmental values, the green transition, digitalization and automation are taken widely into account. As the company moves from prototypes and piloting to concrete, scalable sales activities, the size range of potential customers also increases, and actions like the calculation of environmental values and certifications enabling geographically wider sales become necessary.

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