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Manna MIND technology

The world's first fully automated climatization technology for insect farming

Manna MIND Gen2 Unit illustration | Manna Insect
Technical specifications

What is Manna MIND technology

Customizable climate control system, which automatically adjusts conditions to optimize insect production during different growth cycle stages

With an array of smart sensors, Manna MIND technology effortlessly orchestrates the climate in BSF farming modules in real-time without manual work.

With sophisticated software it works its magic behind the scenes, fine-tuning the conditions in selected black soldier fly growing cycles (breeding, nursing, rearing)

It establishes and maintain an ideal environment for stress-free larvae growth or flies to mate by dynamically adjusting multiple parameters in real-time through a set of complex algorithms.

Though the FARM platform user can monitor the environment, set a different growing programs and have notifications and alerts from the production modules.

Manna MIND technology is equipped with an internet connection, ensuring remote control and monitoring capabilities.

The most advanced technology
in the market!

The most advanced technology in the market!

Manna MIND technology distinguishes itself with cutting-edge technology, versatility and scalability. With intelligent algorithms, a user-friendly interface, and a commitment to reliability and adaptive learning, it delivers a distinctive and efficient solution for profitable Black Soldier Fly farming. With Manna MIND and correctly selected equipment, you can transform basically any space into a power-optimized, climate-controlled environment for black soldier fly production.

Advanced algorithms

Manna MIND technology's advanced algorithms set a new standard for performance and efficiency, leading to unprecedented results in black soldier fly farming.

Smart and adaptive

Manna MIND technology autonomously adapts conditions according to process requirements and utilizes equipment within the existing power allocation and size of the space.

Customizable and secure

Manna MIND securely collects sensor data, offering an encrypted API for seamless control, monitoring, and integration with third-party or custom applications.


Experience worry-free BSF farming operations with Manna MIND technology, as it autonomously manages tasks and promptly notifies operators when actions are required.

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