Manna Insect

About Us

Manna Insect Oy (Ltd) is industrializing the use of black soldier fly (BSF) larvae in biowaste processing and protein production. We are creating mobile and scalable modules for setting up a production factory anywhere in the world, to harness the processing power of BSF.

We are concentrating our efforts on creating a stable and predictable process – unfortunately that means that our website still looks like this.

Right now you may also find here basic information about us, the BSF processing and production possibilities, and our B2C customers can visit our new webshop of larvae products for fish and farm animal food products. 

BSF and Manna in short

We farm black soldier flies, feeding the larvae on local biowaste, which they convert into protein to feed farmed animals and pets, such as fish, reptiles and livestock (chicken, really).
Our automated growing environment is designed for industrial scale and mobile, which allows us to move the BSF farms close to the food source. 
Automation enables continuous insect protein production 24/7/365 with minimal human input, reducing the need for human labor and workforce in general, and minimizing failure in production. 
Our production design enables mobility, rapid production unit setup and scalability.
We turn biowaste into protein. We take e.g. local food waste and feed it to the BSF larvae, which eat all biowaste and convert it to re-usable protein to feed for e.g. farming animals and pets. 


CEO Ykä Marjanen (yka.marjanen(X)