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Unlock the potential of black soldier fly larvae for commercial value

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Manna Insect Farming App and planning your production

Manna Insect Farming App and planning your production


Comprehensive solutions for profitable BSF production

Manna Insect offers knowledge, tools and solutions to profitably upcycle organic waste into high-protein animal feed and organic fertilizer in fully climatized units, using nature’s own recycling heroes, the black soldier fly (BSF) larvae.

Business Acceleration Program is a comprehensive package from black soldier fly farming orientation through business case validation to production ramp-up and scaling.

Unique climatization technology Manna MIND, with intelligent software algorithms, is the key to create an automatically controlled artificial climate optimized for black soldier fly and larvae farming.

BSF production units allow you to start pilot production and business validation in just a few weeks. BSF farming modules can be built locally, anywhere in the world!

Black soldier fly production cycle | Manna Insect
BSF train | Manna Insect Business Acceleration Program

Manna Insect Business Acceleration Program

Manna accelerates your path to validate and ramp up your BSF business with minimal costs, risks and time, and then to scale it up competitively.

Manna Insect Business Acceleration Program is a comprehensive solution for customers to go from zero experience and infrastructure to a fully working pilot production, to validate business and to understand and train employees for insect production.

What makes Manna Insect special?

Manna Insect is a pioneer in developing smart and cost-efficient solutions for black soldier fly farming, to efficiently convert organic waste into protein-rich animal feed and organic fertilizer locally anywhere in the world. This approach sets a new standard on how to manage and upcycle organic waste and produce animal feed sustainably. Manna Insect has grown to be one of the world’s leading insect farming solution providers, with customers in more than 20 countries worldwide.

Open exchange of knowledge

WE openly share information to improve the efficiency of BSF business globally for everyone

Tailored solutions

WE offer optimally sized and fully climate-controlled, locally built BSF farming environments

BSF specified software

OUR Manna MIND is a programmable and automated control unit for creating optimal climate for BSF

Designed to be built locally

OUR customers are recommended to use locally available materials, equipment and labor

Affordable and energy-saving

OUR solutions emphasize energy efficiency and utilize low cost materials and equipment

Profitable production

OUR goal is to establish BSF production as a true alternative to soy and fish meal

Customer success stories

Following five years of R&D around black soldier fly and larvae cultivation in challenging climates, and perfecting our innovative Manna MIND unit, Manna Insect is ready for global growth.

Manna MIND climatization technology, black soldier fly farming units and Manna Insect Academy trainings have been successfully deployed in more than 20 countries on six continents.

With more than 50 Manna MIND units delivered around the world, Manna Insect is proud to be a leading global provider of insect farming solutions.

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