Manna Insect

Harnessing the power of black soldier fly larvae

We are industrializing the use of black soldier fly (BSF) larvae. BSF can be used for example in bio waste processing, protein and fertilizer production.

We develop and sell mobile and scalable solutions for setting up a BSF processing units anywhere in the world.

Contact us if you need a more efficient solution for getting rid of bio waste or adding a new protein feed source.

Black soldier fly larvae is one of the most important insect species to help humanity and nature to be in balance.


About Us

We are a dedicated team of biologists, engineers and builders. Our aim is to make simple, but smart solutions to utilize black soldier fly larvae anywhere in the world.

Our customers are waste companies, super markets, fertilizer and feed companies, and food industry.

Easy to operate

Our solution can be operated by anyone with a few days of training.


The containers are equipped with climate control and can be operated summer and winter anywhere in the world


Each container is a building block – Capacity can be easily scaled by adding more containers

save costs

Each container is a low investment, but still provides significant capacity

Ykä Marjanen

Ykä Marjanen


Juuso Nissilä


Jari-pekka pyörälä

Production manager







Eerik haukkala

Production specialist

Markku Taulamo

Chairman of the board

Harry Santamäki

business strategist, advisor

Manna Insect is part of EIT Climate accelerator and supported by EIT Climate KIC

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Manna Insect

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