Democratizing food production

An intelligently climatized container to produce insect based feed anywhere

Modular and easy to setup

Operable in any condition

Easy to use by anyone

Remote operation and monitoring

Main features

Automatically controlled and monitored remotely via a web interface

Independent control of temperature, humidity, air quality and flow, and lights

Keeps optimal climate conditions inside with varying outdoor climate conditions from -5C to +55C temperature and  20% to 100% relative humidity.

Up to 85% of inside space available for insect  trays

Low power consumption and flexible powering options from mains power to solar power

Automatic alarms of any issues to email or phone

- Can be built from locally sourced recycled and low cost components

- Easy to assemble anywhere

- Practical robust design

- Can be powered with solar powered

- Gathers sensor data from the container

- Climatises container by controlling equipment

- Embedded control algorithm

- Connection to cloud

- Data analytics based on AI

- Parameter calculation for optimizing climate conditions

- Reporting and production predictions and alarms

- Community forum and expert services for support

Ykä Marjanen


Eerik Haukkala

Insect rearing expert

Jari-Pekka Pyörälä

Production manager

Juuso Nissilä

Biological advisor

Markku Taulamo

Chairman of the board

Harry Santamäki

Business strategist, advisor


Manna Insect

Oulu and Kempele