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Manna Insect is a leading global provider of insect farming solutions

We at Manna Insect are proud to announce that during the past few months we’ve reached important milestones, and by May 2024 we have delivered 50 Manna MIND Gen2 units to customers around the world!

Having customers on six continents and in more than 20 countries means that our technology is the center piece and enabler of professional level insect production in over 50 insect farming facilities globally. Compared to other insect farming technology providers, no other company has helped set up more than a handful of insect farms anywhere in the world.

Manna MIND Gen2 is one of the world’s first technologies that enable converting almost any kind of space, such as a shipping container, glasshouse, storage room or warehouse, into an automatically climate-controlled and -optimized insect farming facility. Manna MIND also optimizes power consumption, so an insect farming facility can be run even with solar panels alone, it works on all voltage levels, and enables farming insects profitably anywhere in the world, in any climate or weather conditions.

Reaching the milestone of 50 delivered Manna MIND units was noted also by media, jump from the links below into articled published in agricultural publications (in English) and in Business Oulu News (in Finnish).

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