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Manna MIND Gen2 in Beta Bugs News

Manna MIND Gen2 introduced in Beta Bugs News

Beta Bugs News shares the word of the generation two version of Manna MIND climatization device. The Manna MIND Gen2 version, published in early 2024 is world’s first technology that enables converting any kind of space into an automatically climate-controlled farming facility, optimized for insect farming.

In the article our CEO Ykä Marjanen opens up the development steps of Manna MIND:

“The first generation of Manna MIND was tailored for 20ft sea containers and proved that we can deploy solutions all over the world with locally available materials and equipment. We’ve shipped and installed Manna MIND units with clients on five continents during the first year of sales. Still, the cost of building the container is often too much for a chicken farmer in Kenya or a fish farmer in Indonesia, and we wanted to reach out to this enormous market segment with our new solution. The new Manna MIND Gen2 version is more versatile, smaller and has more features than the 1st generation MIND.”

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