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Manna MIND Gen 2 BSF production control unit

Launch of Manna MIND Gen 2

In late September we launched the Manna MIND Gen 2, a technology that enables turning almost any kind of facility into a climate-optimized and AI-controlled insect production unit. Manna MIND Gen2 also optimizes power consumption, so an insect farming facility can be run even with solar panels alone, it works on all voltage levels, and enables farming insects profitably anywhere in the world, in any climate or weather conditions.

The release of Manna MIND Gen 2 was noted worldwide, and several insect and tech related media outlets have published articles about the release and Manna Insect during the past weeks.’

We also ran an online launch event, a session where more technical details as well as reasoning was shared to anyone interested. The session also allowed people to ask questions about the tech and the use cases. The session was recorded, and can now be viewed at Manna Insect YouTube channel;

And here below links to published articles about the launch news;

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