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What is BSF and why is it better than soy or fish as a protein source in animal feed

FAQ: What is black solder fly (BSF) and why is it better than soy or fish feed

BSF, black soldier fly, is nature’s our garbage disposal system that destroys (=eats) just about any kind of biowaste. The outcome is a very protein-rich BSF larvae that can be fed as such, dried, frozen, mixed with other animal food, etc. to just about any farm animal, but is especially well suited for chicken and other birds, fish, (pet) lizards, or in dog food mixed with other nutrients. In addition to protein, BSF larvae also have an optimal amino acid profile for especially chicken, and it contains plenty of animal fat and micro-nutrients suitable as animal feed.

Another outcome of this natural biowaste upcycling process is frass, also known as bio-fertilizer, dry excess material that can be used to improve your personal garden plot, or in larger quantities in plantations.

BSF larvae is likely to be the best option for soy protein in farming animal and fish feed in the long run. Remember, soy plantations are rapidly killing our rainforests and are a major reason for deforestation all over the world.

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