Manna Insect

Manna Insect featured in Beta Bugs news

Manna Insect featured in Beta Bugs publications

Beta Bugs is a Scottish insect genetics company that develops and distributes black soldier fly breeds to the insect farming sector. The company focuses on genetics, with the focus on creating breeds of Black Soldier Fly that are optimized for industrial needs. Beta Bugs aims in accelerating the growth of the insect feed industry by improving productivity.

Last summer Beta Bugs introduced Manna Insect in their popular Beta Buzz publication for the insect farming industry, and in September Manna was featured in Beta Bugs News. Visibility in these publications has led to contact requests from different parts of the world – the potential of insect farming business and rearing and breeding BSF larvae has clearly been noticed, and the growth prospects of the business are significant worldwide.

Read the news about Manna Insect in Beta Bugs News.

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