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Top regions having interest in black soldier fly rearing | Manna Insect

Top regions having interest in black soldier fly rearing

We at Manna Insect have already set up insect rearing containers running in 4 continents and in over a dozen countries (only in c. 6 months), and we’ve had telcos with interested parties to over 100 countries in the last couple of years, so we often think that the interest towards using black soldier fly is a global phenomena – which it kind of is.

That said, the interest in some of the countries and regions exceeds others by far, which in this case is quite natural, considering that insects have been part of food and feed selection for ages in some regions, whereas in others these are something that is just considered and discovered now.

We often notice that during a short period of time we may get more inbound messages and queries from some countries than usual, and that often relates to a specific news story that’s trending in that particular region.

Top regions having interest in black soldier fly rearing | Manna Insect

In a bigger picture the above image describes well the hot spots.

Africa is far ahead of other regions in adapting the use of black soldier fly (and some other insect species) as animal feed (and also a human food ingredient), and the local legislation is very flexible what comes to using different types of waste to feed the larvae, and then using the larvae and frass to feed farm animals, fish, pets, etc. Asia, especially South East Asia, comes good second.

There are numerous research on the topic from various points of view that help us understand the different use cases, opportunities as well as issues related to insect rearing, but as using insects for food and feed in not in our (e.g. Europeans) DNA as much as it is for those living in regions where the specific insect species naturally live, we are sometimes threatened and doubtful to what we’re not accustomed to. E.g. EU legislation is clearly a barrier and slowing down the opportunity to leverage the possibility to upcycle organic waste back to animal feed thru this incredible “purification” and transformation process of the black soldier fly.

But the trend…

4 African countries in the top 5 countries where black soldier fly is trending at Google, and the difference between even the top countries is quite significant. Madagascar leading with comparison base value of 100, Kenya second with 67, Uganda third with 62, then Taiwan 40 and Zimbabwe 39. Huge gaps between the 1st and 2nd as well as between 3rd and 4th!

Outside the top 5 the next countries are as follows; Indonesia 35, Tanzania 34, Cameroon 29, Ghana 29, Singapore 25

Other countries of interest; first Caribbean country Trinidad & Tobago at no. 13, first South American country Colombia at no. 22, Australia at no. 24, the first European country Denmark at no. 29, Belarus at no. 30, United States at no. 31, Canada at no. 34, Netherlands at no. 42, Belgium at no. 44, France at no. 47, Brazil at no. 51, Israel at no. 52, Sweden at no. 53, UK at no. 56, Finland at no. 57 and India at no. 61 out of 68 countries ranked.

We know where most of our inbound interest comes from and gladly spread the joyful message of leveraging the power of black soldier fly to new countries to anyone interested. Who’s next?

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