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Interested in using insects for aquafeed?

Here’s the heaviest link package you’ll find about using insects, black soldier fly especially, for fish and shrimp feed, a collection of some serious research on the topic;

Insect feed in sustainable crustacean aquaculture:

A meta-analysis of the effects of replacing fish meals with insect meals on growth performance of fish:

Insects, Food Security, and Sustainable Aquaculture:

Insects in fish diets:

A meta-analysis on the nutritional value of insects in aquafeeds:

Beyond the protein concept: health aspects of using edible insects on animals:

Attitudes towards the use of insect-derived materials in Scottish salmon feeds:

Use of black soldier fly and house fly in feed to promote sustainable poultry production:

Introducing the special issue ‘Application of insect ingredients in sustainable aquaculture’:

Insects as a feed ingredient for fish culture – Status and trends:

Success of Aquaculture Industry with New Insights of Using Insects as Feed – A Review:

Review on the use of insects in the diet of farmed fish – Past and future:

Processed Animal Proteins from Insect and Poultry By-Products in a Fish Meal-Free Diet for Rainbow Trout:

Nutritional value of different insect larvae meals as protein sources for European sea bass juveniles:

Comparative study of growth performance and amino acid catabolism and the catabolic changes in response to insect meal inclusion in the diet:

Insect-Based Feed Ingredients for Aquaculture: A Case Study for Their Acceptance in Greece

The use of insect meal as a sustainable feeding alternative in aquaculture: Current situation, Spanish consumers’ perceptions and willingness to pay:

The Introduction of Insect Meal into Fish Diet: The First Economic Analysis on European Sea Bass Farming:

Rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) gut microbiota is modulated by insect meal from Hermetia illucens prepupae in the diet:

Can Insect-Based Diets Affect Zebrafish (Danio rerio) Reproduction? A Multidisciplinary Study:

The potential of various insect species for use as food for fish:

Nutritional composition of various insects and potential uses as alternative protein sources in animal diets:

Dietary enrichment of edible insects with omega 3 fatty acids:

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