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Build Manna container anywhere

1) Manna MIND 20ft container is localized, inexpensive and gives you a fast track to establish commercial scale insect farming business anywhere.

2) Container is climate-independent and can be quickly built basically anywhere – it’s a standalone unit for upcycling biowaste into high-quality animal feed and fertilizer.

3) Based on the research we have done over the years, we are convinced that a 20ft is the most effective container size for localized small and medium scale insect farming.

4) We make it easy to get started – with our support, specific 3D instructions and sourcing list, you can begin to assemble the container immediately after the purchase.

We also provide service packages for assembling containers, pilot factory planning, business consulting and local training.

Manna MIND dashboard

What is Manna MIND 20ft control unit

Manna MIND does the work behind the scenes, keeping the conditions in the Manna containers optimal for growing or breeding BSF larvae.

MIND creates a perfect environment for larvae to grow without stress by adjusting temperature and humidity in real-time with a self learning algorithm.

MIND will alert the user in the rare case of any problems, and in case of a power cut, the backup power system will take over.

MIND constantly collects data of the growing and breeding processes, and the self-learning algorithms optimize the environment inside the container. Manna MIND unit includes an eSIM that keeps it always online.

Manna adds value and enables multiple business models

Manna increases profitability by reduced feed costs - you can save up to $500/month per container.

Building a reliable source of BSF feed removes dependence on soy and fish meal, that are sensitive to price changes.

Manna’s solution can bring new revenue streams selling larvae and frass (fertiliser) to other growers.

Manna containers can be built and used by farmers, but we also offer business opportunities for partners in different continents.

Why do we use black soldier fly (BSF)

The nutritional content of BSF larvae is excellent. Full-grown larvae contain up to 45 % protein, roughly 30 % fat (bio-oils), around 7 % chitin and around 4 % calcium in the dry matter. BSF based feed also includes antibacterial agents. Live larvae are completely organic food and an excellent source of protein for chickens, for example.

BSF larvae have the best feed conversion ratio among insects and the growth rate of the larvae is high. BSF larvae eat carbohydrates and microbes and produce new protein that was not originally in the feed.

Black soldier fly larvae grow in dense masses, which means that the space requirement is small, and roughly 750 kilos of live larvae can be produced in one growing cycle (10-15 days) in one 20ft container. Mass rearing of black soldier larvae can be automated with low initial costs and using affordable hardware.

BSF based feed is a sustainable, locally grown, environment-friendly and cost-effective option for soy and fish based feed. Automation of the rearing and breeding process reduces labor costs and enables low production costs as well as low energy consumption.

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