Manna Insect

Manna Insect in Media - BetaBuzz #3 2023

Manna featured in Beta Buzz #3 (March 2023)

The latest issue of Beta Buzz, an insect farming industry magazine published by Beta Bugs, focuses on the possibilities and benefits of Black Soldier Fly farming. Ykä Marjanen, the CEO of Manna Insect was introduced about the growth of the company – in the article he reveals how did we manage to to set up Manna MIND 20ft BSF containers on three continents in just six months!

Read Beta Buzz #3 – the article about Manna is on pages 11-12

Beta Bugs is a Scottish insect genetics company that develops and distributes black soldier fly breeds to the insect farming sector. The company focuses on genetics, with the focus on creating breeds of black soldier fly that are optimized for industrial needs.

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