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Upcycle biowaste using BSF flies and Manna MIND solution

FAQ: We are trying to get rid of biowaste, can we use Manna’s solution to upcycle it?

And how much biowaste can we upcycle with one Manna container?

Manna’s insect rearing and breeding containers are designed to upcycle biowaste or generally almost any kind of organic waste with the help of black soldier fly larvae, nature’s own recycling superheroes, turning it into insect protein for animal feed / aquafeed live, dried, frozen or pressed for oil, and the other outcome of the process, frass, can be used as an organic fertilizer.

Actually, our containers are not just any growth environment for the larvae, but automatically controlled climatized and optimized growth environments for the little buddies, to ensure the upcycling of biowaste and the growth of larvae are both maximal.

The typical rearing (growth) period is 10-14 days, depending significantly on what type of biowaste recipe is used, but also the environmental conditions, which both we try to optimize.

The amount of biowaste upcycled in one growth period is on average 3.5 tons, meaning that if you are able to run 3 batches per month, you can upcycle approx. 10 tons of biowaste in a month. At best case scenario the numbers are much bigger. If e.g. you need to upcycle 20 tons of biowaste per month, you would need 2 containers running full time, or 3 containers running each 2 batches per month. The containers can be located anywhere close to the biowaste source, not necessarily all in one place!

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