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Manna free webinar series 2_2023

HOT NEWS! FREE Black Soldier Fly webinar series Season 2 on Autumn 2023

Manna Insect has just launched a set of FREE webinars to share our experience and expertise in BSF / insect rearing, turning biowaste into insect protein suitable for farm animal and fish feed and so much more.

And not just that, since we’re also sharing BSF business cases, actual numbers and all. All you need to do is take it all in, and decide yourself if rearing insects for various needs and different business cases makes sense for you.

Here below are the dates and actual registration links. Please note that each webinar needs a separate registration, so we’ll know to whom to send each recording, materials, etc. that the presenters may share.

The webinars are hosted by Manna Insect CEO and Founder Ykä Marjanen, whom many of you already may know, and by Saverio Danubio, our sustainability specialist and industrial biotechnologist . Some of the webinars also have guests speakers, whose names we will announce later.

You’re very welcome to join! In case you missed the first webinar series in spring 2023, scroll down to see the topics and to get free recordings of the webinars and Q&A:s!


New webinar series for spring 2024 will be announced soon!


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Webinar 0: From zero to 1
Introduction to growing BSF at professional / industrial level
Date: 26.1.2023

Webinar 1: Our learnings on food and feed challenges
What we have learned about food and feed challenges deploying BSF rearing solutions to three continents and after having over 300 telcos to over 60 countries
Manna’s experience rearing and breeding BSF
Date: 23.2.2023

Webinar 2: Why and how – from biowaste into income
BSF rearing as a means to turn local biowaste into a source of income
Date: 30.3.2023

Webinar 3: Business economics of insect production at local scale
Calculating profitability of a small scale insect farm
Date: 27.4.2023

Webinar 4: Challenges in getting insect business running profitably
Business cases Europe vs. Africa vs. Asia vs. Americas
Date: 25.5.2023

Webinar 5: De-centralized, local, mobile, scalable – from hype to reality
Manna’s BSF rearing solutions from theory into practice
Date: 22.6.2023


Topic: How to make business out of Black Soldier Fly breeding and rearing / growing
Different business models and opportunities of rearing black soldier fly
Date: 24.8.2023

Topic: How to evaluate the nutritional value in animal feed / aquafeed
Comparing soy and fish meal to live, dried and defatted BSF larvae
Date: 21.9.2023, 12PM – 1PM CET

Topic: How to optimize a substrate recipe for BSF larvae
The critical things to take into account to maximize BSF larvae eating
Date: 19.10.2023, 12PM – 1PM CET

Topic: Calculating the profitability of a Black Soldier Fly operation
Costs, sales prices, the whole works!
Date: 23.11.2023, 12PM – 1PM CET

Topic: What needs to be done and in what order – BSF business from hype to reality
Manna Insect’s BSF rearing solutions from theory into practice
Date: 18.12.2023, 12PM – 1PM CET

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