Manna Insect

FAQ: We have old containers ourselves, do I need to buy one from you or can we use our own?

We’re not really selling containers as such, but the solution to make a container smart, to be able to rear insects in it or to upcycle your bio waste with it, or in fact both at the same time! 

We will of course provide you either a list of materials (BOM) and instructions to build the container to be able to rear insects in it, or we can point you to one of our partners, who can build it for you. The point being, that it gets really, really expensive to start sending ready made containers all over the world, when the relevant materials and old sea containers can be found just about everywhere around the world.

So, yes, you can use your own container or purchase it anywhere you want to, of course taking into account, that it must be a certain standard size and type sea container. 

Once the container is ready, we will either come and install the Manna MIND in the container, or send it for you to install. The Manna MIND control unit takes into account and operates automatically all relevant aspects from ventilation to humidity and temperature, etc., to optimize the BSF growth, so you don’t have to worry about it. 

All instructions, technical support, manuals and even 3D pictures and videos are provided to build the growth container locally and to operate it with our tech.

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