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Manna FAQ part 10 - price

FAQ: Manna’s containerized BSF solution seems like an ideal product for us, but how much does it cost?

Boy, am I glad you asked! 😉 One of the biggest differences between various insect rearing solutions is the price, which of course relates to e.g. capacity as well, but we can talk about that later.

We at Manna Insect think the price should be easily available for each and everyone to review, so that you can compare different solutions, price, capacity, need of labor, cost of electricity, etc., to eventually be able to calculate your BSF production profitability, and thus make better decisions, finding a solution that fits your exact needs and resources!

Manna’s BSF rearing container, fully climatized with all relevant equipment, operational aspects optimized with our intelligent control unit and all, from the scratch into an actual operating production unit costs less than 20.000 euros/USD, and can go as cheap as 18 000 euros/USD all included.

Often, thou, our clients want to buy a little bit of training or consultation on top of the production unit or choose different equipment to go with it, and the overall cost may be between 20-30k depending on set up. And that’s it, already including e.g. the insect trays and all!

And if you’re ready to move fast, it can be operating as fast as in 4-6 weeks. Nice, right?

This is no slide-ware operation, we have fully operating production units delivered to our clients already in 3 continents!

Want to get one running in your backyard or parking lot? Learn more about the solution on this website and fill out the contact form to reach us!

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