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Manna FAQ - How much feed can Manna's container produce

FAQ: How much feed can Manna’s container produce?

A growth cycle for BSF larvae is 10-14 days, in practice we’ve noticed that 10 days is enough, the final days they don’t really grow that much. If we calculate that each 10 day-cycle produces 700 kg of live larvae and 1000 kg frass, and you run it year around, you can produce over 25.000 kilos (25 tons) of larvae and almost 37.000 kilos (37 tons) of frass. Note that the output ratio between larvae and fertilizer is highly dependent on the quality of the biowaste substrate.

They key factor in our solution is that the growth container is climatized and remotely controlled to optimize the growth environment, no matter what the weather is outside. Another one is the recipe of a perfect BSF larvae meal, and we can help you with that, too.

One more key factor to be able to produce this much larvae is of course the eggs! You can either buy them or grown them yourself.

If you wish to get a fast start to BSF rearing, we have partners who can provide you the eggs, or if you plan to make everything yourself, a setup of 1 breeding container to match 4 growth containers is a typical setup, and we can provide you both with the growth container as well as the breeding container.

It’s all up to you, how you want to get started, but getting just one growth container to start with only takes 4 weeks to get up and running. It doesn’t get any faster than that, we’re by far the fastest and most cost effective way to start growing BSF and turning that biowaste into insect protein or whatever you wish to make out of the larvae!

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