Manna Insect

Manna MIND

The world's first fully automated climate control technology for insect farming

Technical specifications

What is Manna MIND

With an array of smart sensors embedded within, Manna MIND effortlessly orchestrates the climate in real-time, ensuring the farming space is a thriving haven for growing larvae or fostering fly breeding.

Manna MIND works its magic behind the scenes, skillfully fine-tuning the conditions within Manna Insect Farming Units to be ideal for maximizing productivity and efficiency.

It establishes an ideal environment for stress-free larvae growth by dynamically adjusting multiple parameters in real-time through a self-learning algorithm.

Manna MIND will promptly notify the users in the unlikely event of any issues, and in the event of a power outage, the backup power system will seamlessly take charge.

Manna MIND continuously gathers data from the growing and breeding processes, and the self-learning algorithms optimize the environment inside the farming units. Every Manna MIND unit is equipped with a global SIM card, ensuring that it stays consistently online.

The most advantage technology in the market?

Manna MIND distinguishes itself with cutting-edge technology, versatility, and scalability. Boasting intelligent algorithms, a user-friendly interface, and a commitment to reliability, security, and adaptive learning, it delivers a distinctive and efficient solution. Transform any space into a power-optimized, climate-controlled environment for insect production with MIND.

Advanced algorithms

Experience the cutting-edge capabilities of Manna MIND with its advanced algorithms, setting a new standard in performance and efficiency for unparalleled results

Smart and adaptive

Manna MIND Gen2 unit autonomously adapts conditions according to process requirements and utilizes equipment within the existing power allocation

Customizable and secure

Manna MIND securely collects sensor data, offering an encrypted API for seamless control, monitoring, and integration with third-party or custom applications.


Experience worry-free operations with Manna MIND, as it autonomously manages tasks and promptly notifies operators when assistance is required.

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